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      "Jemmy's gone for a sailor."

      "Oh, ?un't there!"

      I was waiting till you had finished, Mamma! she permitted herself to observe.

      He shrugged his shouldersthere must have been some foreign streak in his yokel's blood."Oh, dear, oh, dear," said Bessie, "I never brought my cloak."


      "Then there would be no more friendship between us. What unites us is the fact that we are fighting each other.""Vale!"


      "Margaret," said Calverley suddenly, "I leave Sudley Castle on the morrow to attend my lord to London. At my return I shall expect that this silence be changed into language befitting the chosen bride of the Baron de Boteler's esquire. Remember you are not yet free!and now, Stephen Holgrave, I leave not this cottage till you depart. The maiden is my lord's nief, the cottage is his, and here I am privilegednot you."


      "Holgrave," resumed the steward, with an incredulous smile, "has no intention of shortening his life:" and then he strove, with all his eloquence, to persuade her it was a mere feint.